Booking online for tourist apartments in Calhonda beach will result in glorious instagram worthy pictures. The area has a great beach ready to relax on. We know you are beautiful already so what can you do with your style to really stand out when you get here? Here are some things to keep in mind the next time you are booking an online tourist apartments in Calahonda.

1.) Linen Clothing- Very breathable and keeps your skin covered without suffocating you. Plus, there is just something classic about someone wearing a linnen shirt or dress to the beach.

2.) Retro bathing suits- Retro bathing suits are IN and if you have not tried one, now is the time. For women the one piece is a classic which will stand out from the mountain of bikinis most wear. For men, the shorter board shorts are definitly in. Lose the baggy 2000´s rapper shorts and get some that show off your legs.

3.) Weighted blanket- Mixing sunscreen and sand is a surefire way to get covered in sand, especially if you are using a normal blanket. Weighted blankets will not move and keep the sand from getting to your skin, making your instagrams just a little less sandy in the right places.

4.) Sunglasses- Not only do the function as eye protection, they also have two other uses.

Cover squinting eye- Ever taken a great picture only to have it ruined by your eyes being closed because it was too bright out? Not anymore

Since they protect your eyes, you squint less causing less wrinkling later in life. This allows you to take more youthfull looking beach pictures for longer.